Pretend, please, just for a moment, you could say the words coming up from your soul to everyone. Imagine, pretend they could reach anyone. Act as if you were invincible, unbreakable, eternal. Look at yourself as if you're playing some role, maybe weird, but still a role. Behind the role you're not safe, you know it, don't you? Now you can tell him you love him, you can tell her you love her, you can choose not to talk to him, you can be whatever you want. You have to know I am here to protect you, because we are two but I am part of you, and I want to survive as much as you do. Talk to me and tell me everything you want to say to everybody else. Because I heard you crying, and it hurts me. Any bloody word you're not saying now will dig a wound deep inside of you. Don't let yourself do this, again. I'll promise your words are not going to hurt anybody, even if you eventually shout them out. You once wrote I love you, whoever you are, wherever you are. I'll never stop loving those words. I know you need somebody to love, but unless you get in your mind the person you're waiting for is you, you'll never find someone else who will really do.